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FinancingStudios.com is an online community of influential consumers who try products and experiences for free and share their opinions with others. As a member, you will receive offers from the biggest brands and share your experience with that brand, as well as with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and other consumers like you.

Why join Financing Studios?

Do you love to try new products and services? As a Financing Studios member, you can provide this kind of feedback directly to the source, as well as share with the people in your life, both online and offline.

You should join Financing Studios if... • You care about the products you consume in your daily life • You want to give feedback directly to your favorite brands • You believe that your opinion on products should be heard • You like to try before you buy • You want to be the person your friends turn to for advice on what products to buy

Sample Free Products

Whether it’s one of your favorite brands or one you’ve never heard of, as a Financing Studios Member, you’ll have the chance to sample free products from hundreds of brands.

Connect With Others

Financing Studios is your place to ask, learn and have fun. Participate in discussions, gain exclusive access to content and opt in to offers that are specific to you and your interests.

100% Free

It is as easy as registering, filling out a profile, and picking samples you would like to try. And the best part? It is 100% free!

Share Your Feedback

At Financing Studios, you’ll be given a platform to provide product feedback to your friends, your followers, other members and even directly to brands.


"I like that there is a wide variety of samples to try!"


- Amanda J.

"Financing Studios has given me the opportunity to try products I wouldn't normally buy."


- Sherry

"From my computer to my mailbox!"


- Joanne W.

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